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Microsoft working on new Spotify-like service on Xbox, Windows and smartphones

For this to work in the face of stiff competition from Mog, Spotify, Rhapsody, and rdio it must:

  • Not just run on Winphone 7, but also Android and iOS
  • Have a strong playlist generation feature
  • Have fully featured mobile clients that do more than the competition’s
  • Have a very large library of music
  • Have an open API so other’s can build apps and uses for it

If this just comes out for Xbox and Winphones it may be very good, but it will remain a niche product.

Follow the link for initial details from Digital Trends.

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SpotON Radio app for iPhone out now | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

The desktop version of Spotify (especially the new one with app integration) is fantastic for music discovery. Unfortunately their mobile clients lag far behind.

This excellent looking app for iOS adds in EchoNest-powered radio and playlist generation features to fill in that gap.  Readers of this blog know my love for all things EchoNest, so if you’re the fortunate iOS-based user of Spotify, get this now!!!

I wonder if/when it’ll be out for Android? 

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Cricket is chirping half a million music subscribers -

Cricket and it’s “Muve” music service is not discussed much, but they are neck and neck with Spotify for number of US subscribers. Only Rhapsody definitely exceeds it in # of US subscribers.  (Roughly 1 million according to this article.)

In any case, it looks like a bargain way to get cell plus music as a service. A bit too “bargain-y” for me, but if you’re on a budget it may be a good way to go. 

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