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Rhapsody and Facebook

Unlike MOG and rdio, which will be offering a non-time-limited free tier of service as part of their Facebook integration, Rhapsody will offer a 30 day free trial that includes all functionality, including mobile apps, for that time period. 

While less flexible in the long term, this does let someone fully sample all features, includfing cell phone music access and downloading, during the 30 days.  Of course the downside is that after those 30 days you’re left paying for the service.  (And, if you want more than one mobile device that payment is $15/month rather than the $10/month of their competitors.)

I’m a little worried that Rhapsody still sees itself as being worth a premium in price compared to Spotify, MOG, and rdio. While they do have some solid features (best browsing of new releases by genre and a larger catalog of music - at least in the US), they don’t justify that extra cost.  

They may also find that in the long term anyone interested in Facebook integration will gravitate to the other services with a free offering that their friends who don’t want to pay money can use indefinitely.

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