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Like Spotify? MOG Blows It Away - Forbes

Forbes has a very MOG-complimentary article. While there’s lots I really like about MOG (like their flexible and powerful “artist radio” feature), I wouldn’t go this far.

My biggest concern is the stability and features of their android client.  It still doesn’t have some very basic features like the ability to add/remove songs from playlists (I mean c’mon, what’s up with that omission?!?!), and I run into many more issues just using basic play/fast forward functions than when using any of its rivals.

Having said that, MOG the company has a fun attitude, the web client manages to be minimalist yet fairly powerful, and the mobile applications sound quality (when set to high quality streaming) is second to none.

I keep hoping they’ll eventually add the basics of playlist management to the Android client, and squash a few more bugs.  If they do that, then I’d be more comfortable saying the same thing this article does. 

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