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Big release for Rhapsody on Android

Rhapsody has just released v2.1.1 for Android and it’s a BIG one.  They’re being surprisingly quiet about it so far, but I assume they’ll make a bigger deal about it soon. 

The biggest news: Higher bit rate streaming to the Android client!!!.  This is significant because one advantage the newer services like Mog and Rdio have had over the old guard like Rhapsody and Napster is better bit rates.  

Well, now Rhapsody can stream 192 kbps AAC on lots of songs in its library.  It’s still not 100%, but the bump in quality is noticeable with a good pair of headphones or speakers.  (The songs will be marked ‘HQ’ when you listen to them)

A full list of changes from the Android Market release notes:

What’s in this version:

  1. High-quality streaming and downloads (192k AAC)
  2. Support for Android Shortcuts and Folders
  3. Android “Listen to…” support in the Google Quick Search box. Tap the microphone and say “Listen to…” followed by the name of an artist
  4. New and improved Album and Artist screens for Music Guide and My Library
  5. From the Queue, can now save to an existing playlist
  6. Adding an album to a new playlist populates suggested playlist name
  7. Resolved issues with Various Artists in My Library
  8. Bug fixes

A couple other more notable-than-usual features include the ability to place shortcuts directly to specific playlists as well as better Album and Artist screens.

All Rhapsody Android users should get this immediately!

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