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Spotify has over 175,000 US *Subscribers*

According to this article Spotify is doing quite well in the US so far.  Unverified sources say that it has over 1.4 million users, but the especially interesting (and very important!) statistic is that they already have over 175,000 paying subscribers in the US.  

That’s critical, because for a subscription model like theirs to succeed, a significant number of users have to convert to paying subscribers.  This means that those enjoying the free level of service will continue to be able to do so, and those who are paying customers can hope that the money coming in will encourage whatever holdouts there are to start making their music available via Spotify and other services too.

Plus, a high number of subscribers will definitely make Apple sit up and take notice, and that will make for interesting times!

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A very social Rdio release for iOS

Is it just me or do significant releases seem to cluster together?  Hot on the heels of Napster’s latest release for iOS, rdio has a major release that adds in deeper capabilities around exploring other users’ profiles as well as the ability to quickly follow them.

They’ve also re-emphasized that the ability to create and edit playlists is now included as of the previous update.  (Maybe not many people had discovered the feature yet?)

Follow the link above for complete details.

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New Napster iOS version with better sound

Napster has just released a new version of their iOS app, and claim it has much better sound than before.  Their release notes specifically mention that higher frequencies were not being accurately reproduced in the older version, and that has been fixed.

I’ve been listening for an hour or so to the new version and the sound does sound a little less muddy, which is good because Napster has never had good sound quality as its strong suit in the past.  This update definitely helps.

Click here to see their blog post regarding the new release.

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New Rdio iOS release today?

I’m not currently subscribed so I can’t be sure, but a tweet from Rdio (see below) seems to imply they have a new release of their app for iPhone/iPod Touch available in the app store.  If so, this seems to be a popular day for new iOS music app releases!  

iPhone users- don’t forget to update your apps! We might have one waiting for you.

No release notes in sight.  If anyone finds them, or can confirm there’s a new release, please leave a comment!  BTW, if you’re interested in following them yourself, they are on Twitter as @Rdio (makes sense!)

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Mog v1.3 out for iPhones/iPods

The latest version of Mog is now available for iPhones and iPod Touches in the App Store.  Highlights include a scrubber/seek bar for moving around the currently playing song (this is an essential feature!) as well as more robust queueing options and a Now Playing screen.

Full release notes from the App Store description:

New features for Mog 1.3 on iOS include:

  • Now Playing screen, available from Play Queue
  • Scrubber/Seek bar, available on Now Playing screen (tap middle of screen to toggle)
  • Advanced queueing features!  Press and hold any song row, album row, playlist row and choose from Queue Next (goes after current playing track but doesn’t play), Add to End of Queue (goes at end of queue but doesn’t play), Clear Queue, and Play
  • User Interface improvements! Play controls on every page and more
  • Many performance improvements and bug fixes

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