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Spotify: The Definitive Music Search Engine Guide

An excellent guide on how to most efficiently search Spotify’s large music catalog.  

Of particular interest: you can search by genre, and the list of genres is quite extensive.  Spotify really should expose this capability better in their UI, but until they do so searching with the “genre:” prefix will have to do.   A list of genres for the US can be found here.

You can also search by label, or by a combination of criteria.  Read the full article for all the possibilities.

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Spotify rolls out Artist Radio feature |

The US version of Spotify has partially implemented the Artist Radio feature that European users have been enjoying.  

Unlike some 3rd party toolsets that have helped fill this gap for the first couple weeks Spotify has been available, this is integrated right into the UI and is convenient to use.

After searching for an Artist, you’ll sometimes see an ‘Artist Radio’ tab to the right of the Overview tab you initially see.  It’s still a simplistic feature compared to some of the more powerful offerings by Mog, rdio, and Slacker, but it’s a nice start!

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