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Mog Android application updated

Mog’s Android app was updated recently. Notes from their blog for the update are:

Android app update now available! Release dates, better downloads, and other snazzy stuff. We’ve released a new update to the MOG app that adds information and functionality to the MOG experience for Android users.  It’s available for download now from the Market.

Quick summary of changes:

* Artist’s album lists may be viewed and sorted by release date, alphabetically by title, or popularity
* Album release year shown where appropriate
* Bluetooth AVRCP now supported: skip to next track or previous track, play/pause
* Wired headphone remote play/pause now supported
* We rewrote the download queue, so users should no longer have missed or incomplete downloads
* Fixed issues affecting playback on Motorola Atrix and Motorola Droid X2
* Minor fixes to the user interface

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Architects, Lacuna Coil, Napalm Death label pulls out of Spotify | NME.COM

One label’s not-so-positive reaction to Spotify and how it thinks it affects their artists.  

Although this article doesn’t mention it, these artists’ work still appears on Rhapsody, Mog, Rdio, and Napster. Does this mean these services pay the artists better, or is the label merely trying to get more money out of Spotify?

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Spotify rolls out Artist Radio feature |

The US version of Spotify has partially implemented the Artist Radio feature that European users have been enjoying.  

Unlike some 3rd party toolsets that have helped fill this gap for the first couple weeks Spotify has been available, this is integrated right into the UI and is convenient to use.

After searching for an Artist, you’ll sometimes see an ‘Artist Radio’ tab to the right of the Overview tab you initially see.  It’s still a simplistic feature compared to some of the more powerful offerings by Mog, rdio, and Slacker, but it’s a nice start!

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