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Why use a music subscription service?

Back when I started this blog, one of my first posts was an explanation of why I think using music subscription services is a good idea.  With the recent huge amount of publicity given to Spotify’s launch, I’m seeing lots of the old canards surfacing when people discuss it (“I’d rather own than rent”, “Why pay when I can use Pandora/LastFM/etc.”, and others).

I thought it would be a good time to link to this initial post.  Even though the “landscape” has changed a bit, especially with Spotify’s generous free level of service, most of my points are still relevant, so I thought I’d resurface it again.

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Son of Thumbplay threat to Pandora?

This article is primarily about Pandora and it’s stock price, and how Spotify may be a threat to it.

But, the interesting tidbit I wanted to call attention to was the info about Clear Channel’s iHeartRadio service and it’s upcoming release of new features including “millions more songs than Pandora” and the ability to make playlists.  In other words, this is the soon-to-be released descendant of Thumbplay!

Many people who used Thumbplay (including myself) have fond memories of it, and were sad to see its doors closed when iHeartRadio acquired it. But, it looks like they do still plan to release a new incarnation.

The other interesting tidbit: they don’t care if it is profitable. iHeartRadio is already so huge that they don’t need the Son of Thumbplay to actually be profitable in and of itself, they just need it to attract new users.  Perhaps Clear Channel and its deep pockets can afford to really beef up the service.  We may have a hidden dark horse ready to challenge Spotify soon!

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Public beta launch of

The new service has just launched their public beta.  Their basic description of their service:

Radical.FM combines user tailored music stations (like Pandora™ and Slacker™) with on-demand playlist functionality (like Rhapsody™ and Spotify™), and adds unique social networking and powerful personal broadcasting capabilities. Please be advised that this is a free beta site and you may experience bugs. The service works best in Chrome.

Probably the easiest thing is to head over there and check it out for yourself with a free account!  Please leave comments with any thoughts on their service: how does it stack up vs. the competition?  

I’ll post first impressions in a couple days.

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Radical New Social Music Service Gives the Listener Complete Control

This new “social” cloud music service will eventually offer an on-demand subscription option too, and they’re saying it’ll have a 12 million+ song library when it comes out.

That makes this a service worth watching for us subscription/cloud music service fans!  It’s just in private beta right now, although you can be put on a mailing list to be notified when it becomes more generally available.

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Why CloudMusic?

The last few months have seen an explosion of subscription music services for owners of Android and iOS devices.  None of these services is perfect, and they each have some unique strengths and weaknesses.  The major services that this blog will cover include:

  • Mog
  • Thumbplay
  • Rhapsody
  • Napster
  • Rdio

The criteria for what services are covered: they have one or more applications for a mobile device such as an Android Phone, iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, and that they also have a corresponding way to access the service via PC/Mac/Notebook.  They also must expose a multi-million song library to the user that allows them to specify exactly what songs they wish to hear and allow them to create customized playlists.  

Services like Pandora, Slacker Radio (in its current form), and LastFM are great, but outside the scope of this blog other than the occasional mention because they do not provide this sort of flexibility.  

Spotify is one notable exception I’ll cover more in the future once it’s available in the U.S.  I used to use Zune Pass too, and still hold it in high regard, and may also cover that more if/when WinMo 7 phones come out with a Zune Pass option. Slacker has also announced that they will offer a more full-fledged subscription service later this month, so I will certainly cover that too as soon as it is released.

Finally, this blog will service to clear up many common misconceptions that people have regarding music subscription services.  There are certainly valid reasons that these may not be a good idea for some people based on their music listening habits (or lack thereof), but many people seem to dismiss these sorts of services offhand, and that’s a shame because they can be a source of great enjoyment for music lovers for around $10 a month or less in most cases.

My first posts (coming later tomorrow and over the next few days) will include:

  • Clear up some common misconceptions about ‘cloud’ or subscription music services, along with a general review of the pros and cons of music subscription services, and why you might have more fun “renting” music more than “owning” it.
  • A quick overview of the major players generally available in the U.S.
  • First draft of a rough guide to choosing the best music subscription service for yourself
  • What’s on the horizon for fans of music subscription services

I’ll also share some of my favorite music discoveries as I use these various services and hope that eventually other people reading this blog will share their favorites here as well, especially music by lesser-known artists or overlooked genres that you’d like to let other people know about.

More to come soon!


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