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Echo Nest is the man behind the Spotify Radio curtain -- Engadget

I’ve always thought Echo Nest-powered playlist generation was the best around.  It was used in the late lamented Thumbplay, and Mog uses it to power their excellent “radio” feature.  

Spotify has smartly chosen to use it for the latest revamp of their own “Radio” feature, and I think it’s a great move. (And bad news for Mog, although Mog’s implementation still seems a bit more flexible.)

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Spotify Brings Radio Feature to U.S. Two Months After Launch

Spotify has been oddly reticent to add/announce playlist generation or ‘radio station’ features to its client.  

On the desktop client they added Artist Radio shortly after launch which lets you listen to a generated selection of tracks by the specified artists as well as other artists related to them.

They’ve now added genre and decade-based “radio stations” under the What’s New section of the desktop client.

Unfortunately neither feature has made it to their mobile client yet, and is one of their more serious weaknesses when compared to their competition, especially in the US.

Click the title link for more details on the new features.

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Spotify rolls out Artist Radio feature |

The US version of Spotify has partially implemented the Artist Radio feature that European users have been enjoying.  

Unlike some 3rd party toolsets that have helped fill this gap for the first couple weeks Spotify has been available, this is integrated right into the UI and is convenient to use.

After searching for an Artist, you’ll sometimes see an ‘Artist Radio’ tab to the right of the Overview tab you initially see.  It’s still a simplistic feature compared to some of the more powerful offerings by Mog, rdio, and Slacker, but it’s a nice start!

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New MOG web site/player

This TechCrunch article describes the new website for Mog. If you’ve tried their Chrome app then it will look very familiar, although it has several new capabilities.  Its emphasis on playlist construction and maintenance is a welcome focus.  Check out the article by following the title link, and then go check out their new site!

Edit: One note: when going to their site you’ll have to click the ‘Try it now’ link in the upper right to actually see the new site.

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Big release for Rhapsody on Android

Rhapsody has just released v2.1.1 for Android and it’s a BIG one.  They’re being surprisingly quiet about it so far, but I assume they’ll make a bigger deal about it soon. 

The biggest news: Higher bit rate streaming to the Android client!!!.  This is significant because one advantage the newer services like Mog and Rdio have had over the old guard like Rhapsody and Napster is better bit rates.  

Well, now Rhapsody can stream 192 kbps AAC on lots of songs in its library.  It’s still not 100%, but the bump in quality is noticeable with a good pair of headphones or speakers.  (The songs will be marked ‘HQ’ when you listen to them)

A full list of changes from the Android Market release notes:

What’s in this version:

  1. High-quality streaming and downloads (192k AAC)
  2. Support for Android Shortcuts and Folders
  3. Android “Listen to…” support in the Google Quick Search box. Tap the microphone and say “Listen to…” followed by the name of an artist
  4. New and improved Album and Artist screens for Music Guide and My Library
  5. From the Queue, can now save to an existing playlist
  6. Adding an album to a new playlist populates suggested playlist name
  7. Resolved issues with Various Artists in My Library
  8. Bug fixes

A couple other more notable-than-usual features include the ability to place shortcuts directly to specific playlists as well as better Album and Artist screens.

All Rhapsody Android users should get this immediately!

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New Mog Release for Android

A new release of Mog’s app for Android is now available on the Android market.  According to the recent changes section of the notes on Android market, new features include. (My comments in italics):

  • Now Playing screen
  • Seek bar/scrubber with time display (Excellent!!)
  • Shuffle and repeat
  • Add/Remove Favorites (Very important addition)
  • New menu button shows options, double-tap for immediate download
  • New color scheme/skin, other UI improvements
  • Stability has been greatly improved, many bugs fixed (much needed)
  • Quit by going to home screen and pressing hardware “back” button

One of Mog’s biggest weaknesses was the inability to manage favorites and playlists on your mobile device.  You were left using their web site to do those tasks.  Letting you add/remove favorites from your Android device is a much-needed addition, as well as the inclusion of a scrubber bar to quickly move forward or backward in a song.

Mog’s large music selection, excellent sound quality and unique spin on the “artist radio” feature has made them a strong contender.  The lack of scrubber bar and ability to manage favorites and playlists were the greatest weaknesses in their feature set.  With this release they’ve addressed two of those three problems, and that along with general stability improvements makes this a key release for them on the Android platform.  I’m looking forward to trying it out as soon as I’m done typing this!  :-)

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