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Mog Android application updated

Mog’s Android app was updated recently. Notes from their blog for the update are:

Android app update now available! Release dates, better downloads, and other snazzy stuff. We’ve released a new update to the MOG app that adds information and functionality to the MOG experience for Android users.  It’s available for download now from the Market.

Quick summary of changes:

* Artist’s album lists may be viewed and sorted by release date, alphabetically by title, or popularity
* Album release year shown where appropriate
* Bluetooth AVRCP now supported: skip to next track or previous track, play/pause
* Wired headphone remote play/pause now supported
* We rewrote the download queue, so users should no longer have missed or incomplete downloads
* Fixed issues affecting playback on Motorola Atrix and Motorola Droid X2
* Minor fixes to the user interface

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Rhapsody Android appearance boost

Rhapsody has come out with version 2.1 for Android, and with this release they *finally* have a widget to make simple play queue control possible without actually having to bring up the app.

They’ve also given it a much needed facelift with sharper looking graphics for higher resolution displays and some other nice interface tweaks that make it feel much less stodgy than it did before. 

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Napster release for Android

Napster has a new release for Android that includes the following new capabilities:

  • Saved Playlists now automatically sync with the Napster cloud.  This will let you save individual songs to a playlist on your device.
  • You can now delete playlists using the Napster app by swiping a playlist to see the delete button.
  • They have a new ‘Related Artists’ featuer for music discovery available on every artist screen.

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Mog bug fix v1.04 now out for Android

The latest release of Mog for Android and iPhone has some great new features (much more capabilities around favorites, for example), but has also been prone to more than a few glitches while in use.  I’m very happy to see they just came out with a bug fix release on Android, and I hope it takes care of some of the issues I’ve been seeing.

I’m getting ready to start posting my initial views on the various apps, with Mog being the first.  So, I’m installing this on my Droid Incredible while typing this blog post, and will give it a thorough run through and then post my capsule review near the end of this week.

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Rdio v0.8.1. bug fix for Android

Continuing their trend of rapid updates, Rdio has another bug fix release for Android out now, v0.8.1.  Their changelog  doesn’t list the details of this release, at least not right now, but the appmarket description says:

* Fix for crash on startup on Android 1.6 devices

* Attempt to fix slowdown/OutOfMemory errors on some Android devices.

I like their honesty in saying “Attempt to fix…”!  :-)

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Mog update v1.03 on Android market now

Mog just came out with a major v1.00 release on Android that added the ability to manage favorites from your Android device, as well as a radically redesigned UI and a scrubber bar for quickly moving forward/backward within a song. 

As usual with ambitious releases there were a few bugs, hitches and other issues.  Mog has quickly addressed some of those by issuing a v1.03 release today that takes care of some of them.  It’s available now in the Android market.

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Slacker Gets a Big Push From Verizon

It looks like Slacker just got a big leg up from Verizon: The latest Android update Verizon has pushed out to their Droid Incredible owners includes an automatic install of the latest version of Slacker.  While some phone owners will probably be annoyed at the lack of choice on the install, I’m sure most will check it out and be intrigued.

It’ll be interesting to see how much this increases Slacker’s user base.  With them preparing to roll out a more fully featured subscription service in the near-future it seems they have a significant advantage over the competition because they are being automatically installed, and don’t have to wait for the typical Incredible user to find out about them and choose to download. 

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