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A very social Rdio release for iOS

Is it just me or do significant releases seem to cluster together?  Hot on the heels of Napster’s latest release for iOS, rdio has a major release that adds in deeper capabilities around exploring other users’ profiles as well as the ability to quickly follow them.

They’ve also re-emphasized that the ability to create and edit playlists is now included as of the previous update.  (Maybe not many people had discovered the feature yet?)

Follow the link above for complete details.

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Mog bug fix v1.04 now out for Android

The latest release of Mog for Android and iPhone has some great new features (much more capabilities around favorites, for example), but has also been prone to more than a few glitches while in use.  I’m very happy to see they just came out with a bug fix release on Android, and I hope it takes care of some of the issues I’ve been seeing.

I’m getting ready to start posting my initial views on the various apps, with Mog being the first.  So, I’m installing this on my Droid Incredible while typing this blog post, and will give it a thorough run through and then post my capsule review near the end of this week.

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Rdio v0.8.1. bug fix for Android

Continuing their trend of rapid updates, Rdio has another bug fix release for Android out now, v0.8.1.  Their changelog  doesn’t list the details of this release, at least not right now, but the appmarket description says:

* Fix for crash on startup on Android 1.6 devices

* Attempt to fix slowdown/OutOfMemory errors on some Android devices.

I like their honesty in saying “Attempt to fix…”!  :-)

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Mog update v1.03 on Android market now

Mog just came out with a major v1.00 release on Android that added the ability to manage favorites from your Android device, as well as a radically redesigned UI and a scrubber bar for quickly moving forward/backward within a song. 

As usual with ambitious releases there were a few bugs, hitches and other issues.  Mog has quickly addressed some of those by issuing a v1.03 release today that takes care of some of them.  It’s available now in the Android market.

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New Mog Release for Android

A new release of Mog’s app for Android is now available on the Android market.  According to the recent changes section of the notes on Android market, new features include. (My comments in italics):

  • Now Playing screen
  • Seek bar/scrubber with time display (Excellent!!)
  • Shuffle and repeat
  • Add/Remove Favorites (Very important addition)
  • New menu button shows options, double-tap for immediate download
  • New color scheme/skin, other UI improvements
  • Stability has been greatly improved, many bugs fixed (much needed)
  • Quit by going to home screen and pressing hardware “back” button

One of Mog’s biggest weaknesses was the inability to manage favorites and playlists on your mobile device.  You were left using their web site to do those tasks.  Letting you add/remove favorites from your Android device is a much-needed addition, as well as the inclusion of a scrubber bar to quickly move forward or backward in a song.

Mog’s large music selection, excellent sound quality and unique spin on the “artist radio” feature has made them a strong contender.  The lack of scrubber bar and ability to manage favorites and playlists were the greatest weaknesses in their feature set.  With this release they’ve addressed two of those three problems, and that along with general stability improvements makes this a key release for them on the Android platform.  I’m looking forward to trying it out as soon as I’m done typing this!  :-)

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Rhapsody v2.0 for Android Now Available

The next release of Rhapsody is now available for Android phones in the Android Marketplace.  This is a major update for their Android client because it adds the capability to download songs and listen to them offline.  

This update also brings a welcome overhaul to the look and feel of the UI. It’s brighter, more current looking, and enjoyable to use.

Any Android users of Rhapsody should update ASAP!

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Rhapsody v2 Android Beta Started

Rhapsody has started the beta for the second version of their Android application. Downloading/offline playback is the most high-profile new feature for this upgrade, which is vital to get Rhapsody up to parity with similar apps out there.  

Aside from this major lack which they’re finally addressing, Rhapsody has a very nice feature set and a well-rounded library of songs.  This new version also sports a nicely redesigned UI that’s much less stodgy than the prior one.

Once this version is released they’ll be an even more interesting alternative for those exploring cloud music services on the Android platform.

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